• How I Dealt with Parkinson’s Disease

    An inspirational interview with Phil Kroeker by Joan Perkins The Rocky Mountain Whittler (Jan-Feb 2010) Phil Kroeker’s first time at our JTPSG was at our November, 2009 meeting.

  • Forced Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease

    Do you have Parkinson’s Disease? Learn how Phil Kroeker is using forced exercise and the Theracycle to deal with PD. After Phil was diagnosed with PD in 2009, he decided to deal with it

  • Nutrition for Parkinson’s Disease

    What is the best nutrition for Parkinson’s Disease patients? Here is a list of recommended vitamins and nutrition for Parkinson’s Disease patients.

  • Exercise for Other Movement Disorders

    The Motorized Technology and In-home Convenience of Theracycle Exercise Equipment Will Assist You to Get Your Body Moving Again Movement disorders can greatly reduce your ability to

  • Wheelchair Ramps for Homes

    Do you need the ability to get and out of your home without having to climb steep stairs? Regardless of why you are disabled, you need access to your home.

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  • Testimonials about Theracycle

    No one knows the transformative power of Theracycle better than our users and their healthcare providers. Read on to see for yourself how this revolutionary home exercise equipment, created for those with mobility disorders, can change your life too. Home Users – Parkinson’s Disease “I have a Theracycle at home and use it in the […]

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  • Why Shaklee? Phil & Karla’s Story

    Phil Kroeker has Parkinson’s Disease and takes CoQ Heart. Phil and Karla Kroeker are Shaklee Sales Representatives which means they believe in their products so much they take them. Why Shaklee as a business? Conversation with Roger Barnett the CEO of Shaklee

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  • Benefits of CoQ10 to PD Patients

    What are the benefits of CoQ10 (COENZYME Q-10) to Parkinson’s Disease patients? Also called by these names: Coenzyme Q10, CoQ, CoQ10, CoQ-10, Mitoquinone, Ubidecarenone, Ubiquinol, Ubiquinone, Q10 Benefits For the Heart Essential for a healthy heart, those who take CoQ10 supplements to improve cardiovascular health may also receive benefits of lowered blood pressure levels. Heart […]

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